Oleatrium Zeytin ve Zeytinyağı Tarihi Müzesi


Oleatrium Olive and Olive Oil History Museum, which is a part of Değirmen Eko Yatırım A.Ş., is a special status museum established with the mission of collecting, preserving and exhibiting information about olives and object related to olive oil production from the past to the present. Oleatrium, where the centuries-long development and transformation of olives and olive oil are exhibited with the principle of not only knowing the value of olives, which are seen as the gift of the geography to mankind, but also spreading this value to all people , telling, informing and informing; Oleatrium, on the other hand, embraces the idea of sustainability and urban museology.

Oletarium aims not only to be an exhibition and storage area, but also to host local activities in the district, province and region where it is located, to become an educational and cultured institution publications are made, contributing to the promotion of our country.

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